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After watching, write one thing that: You liked, your learned, you'd like to know



Monday: Read Acts 8:36-37

God sent Philip to him, to help the Ethiopian official understand more about Jesus. Because of that, the man chose to follow Jesus with his life!
Do you have people like Philip in your life? Who helps you understand what you’re reading in the Bible, answers your questions about faith, prays for you and supports you? They might not have all the answers but they can remind you that God isn’t bothered by your questions.
Have you ever stopped to say “Thank you!” to the people who encourage you in your faith? Grab some paper and write a note to someone that’s helped your faith to grow. Give them the note the next time you see them!

Tuesday: Read Psalm 145:18

When you think about God, what do you think about?
God isn’t bothered by our questions, doubts, and fears. In fact, our questions can bring us closer to God. We can put all our confidence in God because God cares for us.
Write out this verse in your own words on an index card and set it on your bedside table. Read it each night before you close your eyes as a reminder that God is near and is always with you.

Wednesday: Read Psalm 139:5

Is there a fence around your yard or the park near your home? A fence protects whatever it surrounds. When you think about God, picture a fence that surrounds you, in front, behind and beside.
There is nowhere you can go that God is not right there with you.
You Fence Me In
Starting at the top lefthand corner, write out
the words of Psalm 139:5 on the “Fence” below. Spread out the words of the verse so they reach all the way around the fence. Then write “Psalm 139:5 in the center of the fence. Take time to show this verse to the people in your family. Be thankful for the ways God loves and protects you!

Thursday: Read Acts 17:24-26

If you wanted to tell a friend about God, where would you start?
Use the word bank to fill in the blanks from today’s verses.
God made the _________________.
God made __________________ in it.
God is the ___________ of heaven and earth.
God doesn’t _____________________ in temples built by human hands.
God doesn’t need ________________.
God gives life and breath to all ____________.
Fill in the blanks with one of these words:  world, everything, Lord, live, anything, people
We learn so much about God from these verses!
We all have questions about God. Questions help us learn and grow. But even with our questions, we can still trust God. Remember, God is with you even when you have questions. 

Friday: What questions do you have?

When the Ethiopian man had questions, God sent Philip to help him understand. Who has God put in your life to help you find answers to your questions? Reach out to that person and ask for a few minutes of their time. Bring along the questions that you prayed about
Ask them if they know any of the
answers to the questions you have, but even if they don’t have the answers, God is still with you!


What is one thing that you haven’t done because you didn’t have the confidence?
Write down something you wish you had the confidence to do:
Now think back on everything you’ve learned about confidence this month:
– Share God's love with others.
– God sent the Holy Spirit to help
– God is with you no matter what.
– God is with you even when you have questions.
Notice that confidence doesn’t have anything to do with you, with your talents, with the way you look, with how funny or smart you are, or even with how much money you have.
Confidence comes down to knowing God loves you and is always with you.
Look back at that one thing you need confidence to do. Make a plan for how you will do it. When you live like you believe God is with you, you can walk boldly into new adventures and friendships!
Grace Kids partners with families to nurture a generation that loves God and loves people.
"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31
Each Sunday morning, children participate in age appropriate classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child learns through active participation. Each teacher is carefully screened and trained in children’s education. The children’s ministry of our church is recognized for the meaningful interaction with kids. 

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