Why Mama Bear?

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Part 1: Rise Up, Mama Bears

1. Calling All Mama Bears—My kid has a cheerio shoved up his nose. Why am I reading this book?

2. How to Be a Mama Bear—Is this code for being the

weirdest mom on the playground? 

3. The Discerning Mama Bear—The refined art of “chew and spit” 

4. Linguistic Theft—Redefining words to get your way and avoid reality


Part 2: Lies You’ve Probably Heard but Didn’t Know What They Were Called

5. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves— Self-Helpism

6. My Brain Is Trustworthy...According to My Brain—Naturalism

7. I’d Believe in God If There Were Any Shred of Evidence— Skepticism

8. The Truth Is, There Is No Truth—Postmodernism 

9. You’re Wrong to Tell Me that I’m Wrong!—Moral Relativism 

10. Follow Your Heart—It Never Lies!—Emotionalism

11. Just Worship Something—Pluralism 

12. I’m Not Religious; I’m Spiritual!—New Spirituality 

13. Communism Failed Because Nobody Did It Right —Marxism

14. The Future Is Female—Feminism

15. Christianity Needs a Makeover—Progressive 

Final Words of Encouragement

16. How to Take All This Information and #RoarLikeAMother— TheMamaBears