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A Winning Strategy

Our Mission is Simple

– Transforming lives through the power of the gospel
– Teaching people to love and honor God
– Trusting God’s blessings in every area of life

A Church That Brings Hope

We are striving to be  a CHURCH that brings HOPE to people in a time when all hope seems to be gone. We want to see people radically TRANSFORMED by the love of Jesus and DEVOTED  to each other as brothers and sisters in Him.





Our Sunday morning worship services are designed to lead people into an intentional relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through the songs, the music and the sermons, people will be presented an opportunity to enter  into a relationship with Christ
Discipleship is the next step in an intentional walk with Christ. Through our discipleship classes, new converts will  explore how their newfound faith in Christ.
The Christian life is best lived in community. How we live, interact and relate to each other has special significance to people who are born again and living for Christ. Through growth groups people will be given an opportunity to grow deeper in the faith and learn to have fellowship with others.
Finding your gifts, talents and passions, and putting them to work in the kingdom of God should be the goal of every new believer in Christ. Grace  has a wonderful team of workers and volunteers and our hope is that everyone who  has a willing heart, be given an opportunity to serve.