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Sunday February 26
 – Initial meeting and roll out / leadership buy in
– Assigning Prayer teams (Wednesday night Prayer)
– Developing a budget
– Start developing promotional materials for re-location

Sunday March 5th
Congregation roll out / buy in

Begin developing Launch Teams
   – Street Team / Neighborhood Canvas (Pastor Oren Park)
   – Publicity and Promotion (Rachael Forrest)
   – Ushering ( Krishna Ramdeen)
   – Hospitality (Betsy Rampersad )
   – Worship Team (Beverly Felix)
   – Dance Team (Leslieann Phillips)
   – Prayer Team (Renooka Rajoon)
   – Finance and Budgeting (Finance Team)
   – Build up / Break down teams (Ricaldo Ramjag and Allan Rampersad)
   – Equipment Transport / Set up (Stefan Ramjag)
   – Children’s Ministry (Maurissa Deonarine)
Volunteer sign-ups (Maurissa Deonarine)

Prepare to send out Member letters (Pastor Dave Rajoon)

Saturday March 11th
– Publicity via Social Media, Email Blast, Local Newspapers
Sunday March 12th
      – Congregational Prayer Service – Pastor Oren Park
      – Vision Casting – Pastor Dave Rajoon
      – Meeting with Launch Team / Volunteers

      – Equipment and resources check – Stefan Ramjag

      – Call for Prayer and Fasting ( 12th – 17th) – Renooka Rajoon

Saturday March 18th
     – Neighborhood Canvass
     – Street Corner Teams (Jamaica)
     – Prayer Walk
     – Welcome Center Resources
     – Growth Track Prepared

Sunday March 19th – Celebration Sunday
     – Appreciation Lunch (Ricaldo Ramjag)
     – Opening Service Run-through (Pastor Dave Rajoon)

Sunday March 26th

    – Final Launch Team Meeting (Pastor Dave Rajoon)


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