The story of Grace begins with Dave and Bonnie Rajoon. Leaving their home in the sunny island of Trinidad West Indies, they migrated to frigid New York city. Their intention was not to start a church, though they had been trained for ministry, but to seek out a better life. Like almost every immigrant, they struggled to find their way. But  in spite of the hardships the one thing that remained constant was their love for Jesus and passion for ministry. For the first few years after attaining their residency,  they continued in ministry, working with a number of local churches, helping out in whatever way they could.
In March 1998, a small group of believers got together for a prayer meeting in the living room of Ricaldo Ramjag and Mala Maraj (103-54 105th Street Ozone Park NY). That prayer meeting was the beginning of  a new church that soon continued with regular Sunday morning worship services. Though Dave and Bonnie  the founding pastors of this new ministry would be the first to say they did not plan to birth  a church, it has become clear that  it was the intention of God all along. In a few short months, Grace Evangelistic Ministries was able to move into its own building and God was began to do something  wonderful in Ozone Park, New York. Grace provided a  place where people could fellowship, raise their families and be strengthened in their spiritual walk.
But Grace is not Pastor Dave and Bonnie’s story alone, it is the story of many  faithful and hard working  immigrant and non-immigrant families. It is the story of their children who would be dedicated, baptized and married under the auspices of Grace.  It is the story of friends and financial supporters who put their resources to work building the ministry into what it is. Grace is their story and we will always be glad that they were a part of it.
The story of Grace does not have “the end” attached to it for it is a continuing story. Grace has a vision for the future. Pastor Dave has noted that many other religions are erecting large houses of worship in the Queens NY area but the Christian church has not done so. While a huge building may not necessarily be a part of the vision, the establishment of Grace as a New York city institution is. Grace will raise up leaders, including pastors and evangelists and musicians  to continue spreading the gospel of Jesus as far as possible and  will expand to the left and the right.
In late 2015 a decision was taken by the board of Trustees to shorten the  name to GRACE MINISTRIES, dropping the  “evangelistic.” This should not be construed as an abandonment of the ministry’s evangelistic thrust but as part of a larger strategy to reach a wider demographic including the so-called  millennials.